Wednesday, 16 October 2013

I have been,,,,,,

,,,,,, on holiday. I went to visit my good friends in Spain. And boy, was it hot!!!
 Thursday afternoon,,,, and it was really peaceful!!

 We visited Guadalest,, beautiful. Thank you again Margaret and Bob for taking me there!
Margaret made me this lovely bag,,,

         ,,,,,,,, creative. I have been busy knitting a little,,

              The stripey scarf is easy,, just garter stitch with one purl stitch every now and then. The pinkish shawl is taking me longer than I would like,, as I can only knit it when I am 'home alone'!!
While I was in Spain,, I did make a few knitting stitch markers,, and also a sewing roll,,, but I forgot to take a picture of that.

,,,,,,, having a visit from my GS.
We went to Bristol Zoo,,,, and I did think of leaving this wild thing there,,,,