Monday, 28 January 2013


I have made my quilt group challenge item,, using this fabric,,
Here is the finished item,,,,
                                                   the outside,,,,,
                                                   and the inside,, using my all time fave fabric!!
I didn't need to make this so soon,,, as I have until May,,, but it is done!!!

Friday, 18 January 2013


As the title suggests,, I am waiting,,, for some free time to make a start on my 9 patch blocks for my red and white quilt,,,
 As the above picture shows,, I have all the bits already cut out, and waiting,,,,I do have a week off work next week,,,
 This is a pile of squares that may be spares,, if I don't put a pieced border around the quilt top.
The next picture is of a piece of fabric,, 10" x 21",, to be used in my quilt groups challenge. I have to use all of it in whatever I make, and I can embellish it, stamp it, dye it, rip it, tear it etc. etc..
Any suggestions??????? I was thinking of making one of my Tilda bears, if there is enough fabric!!! Watch this space!!

Monday, 7 January 2013

More Progress,,,

A week into the New Year, and I have finished stitching the redwork blocks for my quilt! 31 lovely stitched blocks,, just have to trim them to size!!
 Then I have to cut 404 x 2.5 inch squares out of my reds,,,do I go for lights and darks???, or do I just go random???.
I am about halfway through the trimming,, and will get straight on to the square cutting when that is finished!!!
Now for something completely different,,,
 I decided to try this recipe for Sun-dried tomato bread,,, and it is absolutely gorgeous. I took a peak while it was baking,,, and the smell,,,mmmmmm!
If only we had taste/smell abilities over the internet!!! This loaf is all mine,, DH doesn't like it! Don't know what he's missing!!!