Saturday, 20 October 2012


I have been creating,,,first up is

A Chocolate Loaf,, I have recently bought my first breadmaker and I am making the recipes out of the little booklet. I like chocolate, but this is a little too much,,, even for me!
Next creation,,,

A 3 zipper project pouch. This was quite fun to make,, I forgot that I was using a directional fabric,, which meant I had to cut it at the bottom and put a seam in, where the pattern didn't have one.
On the Popular Patchwork forum I am in a row by row swap. Each month we make a row for some one else. This is the one I made for Kerstin

It is 36 inches long and 6 inches wide. Don't look too close at the stitching.
I have progressing on my redwork quilt,, on number 22 out of 31,, so nearly there.

And I made a bag for my friend,, out of tea-towels,,,,

and lastly,, some wool for a shawl that I should have started today,, but haven't...........