Saturday, 20 October 2012


I have been creating,,,first up is

A Chocolate Loaf,, I have recently bought my first breadmaker and I am making the recipes out of the little booklet. I like chocolate, but this is a little too much,,, even for me!
Next creation,,,

A 3 zipper project pouch. This was quite fun to make,, I forgot that I was using a directional fabric,, which meant I had to cut it at the bottom and put a seam in, where the pattern didn't have one.
On the Popular Patchwork forum I am in a row by row swap. Each month we make a row for some one else. This is the one I made for Kerstin

It is 36 inches long and 6 inches wide. Don't look too close at the stitching.
I have progressing on my redwork quilt,, on number 22 out of 31,, so nearly there.

And I made a bag for my friend,, out of tea-towels,,,,

and lastly,, some wool for a shawl that I should have started today,, but haven't...........


  1. The bag you made for your friend is AMAZING!!

    Your blocks look really good too.

  2. I just love the tea-towel bag Caz, lucky friend! Your red work is also stunning, and will be beautiful when finished. I wish I lived nearer, I'd be only too happy to come along and help you out with that delicious looking chocolate loaf! Never heard of that before, but sounds right up my street. xx

  3. I seem to have missed several of your posts - sorry. Love your makes though maybe not the chocolate loaf! I think you'd have enjoyed the patchwork exhibition small though it was in comparison with the Malvern show etc! My friend showed me a quilt she had made where she had embroidered flowers in red on white and then quilted all round the flower so closely that I had wondered how she'd used smooth fabric for the flower and textured for the background and thought it must have been appliqued on!

  4. I think weatherwise, Friday was best for the show ,
    Love that bag , The redwork looks great , Lovely colour wool for the scarf
    My D,I law made the chocolate loaf once , she didn't like it . The fruit one is very good but the ordinary loaf is really good in my opinion
    Another friend makes the cheese and onion , I'd rather put cheese and onion on the bread ,my fave,combination

  5. It looks as though I somehow missed a post...........
    Well of course I am the lucky recipient of the bag which is even more gorgeous in real life.
    The chocolate loaf - hmmm, think I would rather have choccie cake.
    Love the spools blocks and of course the stitchery blocks too.
    Have you started your shawl yet?

  6. I like the look of your chocolate loaf, anything chocolatey is fine by me :)
    And your 3 zipper bag looks great...I have finished mine now, except for the charms on the zips.


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