Monday, 17 September 2012


Well,,I have been blogging for a year today. Thank you to all of you that read this and leave comments. I was thinking that I should change my blog title. 'Creations By Caz' just ain't working,, not much creating going on at all!!
Over the last two weekends,, not the one just gone,, I have seen all 3 of my sons, and grandson. The first weekend I had no.1 son and GS,, and we went to see no.3 at Portland Harbour, down near Weymouth. He works on a cruise ship,,

The one facing the camera is no.3 son. He is still growing,,, he is a full head and shoulders taller than me now. We were allowed on board to have a look around. This ship is fairly small compared with other ones,, but it does have up to 1800 passengers I think!
The following weekend DH and I drove up to Grimsby, to see son no.2. He is in the Forces, and will be going away soon. It was his idea to visit him, so we could meet the GF properly and meet her parents. No pictures of Grimsby,, but here is,, a picture of me and son no.2,,,, I have warned you,, I don't normally do photos,,,,

Handsome pair, eh!!!!
When my GS was visiting we went to Trago Mills near Newton Abbott,, they have a fantastic garden centre. No,, I don't have a garden, but if I did,,,
My son no.1 and GS,, sitting on the Italian garden display. Brilliant displays throughout the whole of the place.
I am up to no 18 on the redwork blocks for my quilt,, slow progress. My son no.2 has asked me to make him a wedding quilt,,, in the colours of tangerine, navy and cream!!! Just those,,,, I am thinking of Dimples or Spraytime,, or maybe Kazoo (?) fabrics,, and this quilt,,,
I will have to make it bigger than the size in the book.


  1. Hi Caz,
    wonderful pictures.
    congratulations to one year blogging.

  2. No wonder you've not been creating much Caz, but family are very important, and the photo of you and your son is really lovely, you should have some taken more often!

  3. How fun that your son works on the Jewel of the Sea - DH and I was on that ship several years ago when we did the Baltic cruise.

    Love the picture of you and your son - great photo.

  4. Cath, thanks for the comment. You are right, family is important.
    Roberta, he had just finished the Baltic cruise when we saw him, they were on the way to Boston, USA,, via Ireland, Iceland,,,,,

  5. Lovely photos Caz. Looking forward to seeing the quilt. Just out of curiosity why those particular colours. :)

  6. How lovely to find a blogger so close, i am looking forward to following your blog.

  7. I have to try several times on the word thingy before I have success

    Isn't it wonderful when a son hugs you
    Success with the quilt


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