Monday, 30 November 2015

About time,,

I wrote another post,,,,,,,
I am addicted to InstaGram that I forget about the blogs, but I have been having a bit of a catchup with them today.
Life has been flowing by,, albeit a bit too quickly for my liking. Here we are at the end of November, and the 'christmas' songs start up at work tomorrow! I don't mind some of them, but after 23 days of hearing the same ones in a 3 to 4 hour loop, you just want some quiet!

On the crafty front, I have been busy.
 Laid Back Larry has been knitted and dispatched to his new home,, and has made friends with the other occupants on top of my son's chest of draws!

Made for one of the ladies at my craft group for her birthday.
And made another using fabulous bike fabric for one that owns a bike shop with her
 husband,,,, again a birthday pressie.
Then I had been looking at the mitts with the flip over tops,, and thought I could make a pair,,,
so I did. It is a free pattern on Ravelry, called Podster gloves. Can't remember the designer. They are lovely and warm!
I am in the middle of a baby cardi for my grandson due in January,,, then I have to knit another one for my 3rd grandchild due in May!

 I had a favourite umbrella which broke,,, so I decided to make a bag out of the fabric. I did french seams and reinforced the handles with some webbing,,a good strong bag!

 I finished these socks but haven't got a 'finished' picture,, so this one will do.
And I am sure I have mentioned my spinning before,,, this is some Shetland wool spun by
me,,, brown and cream spun singly then plied together. Not sure what I will be using it for.

If you are on InstaGram,, come and find me,,, cazsixtythree.

                                                                        X x X