Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Eve,,,

and DH is working,, so what am I to do,,, update my blog of course!!
I went for a walk this morning, into the village. And after the stormy weather yesterday,, the river has flooded again. No pictures as my camera battery died as I switched the thing on!! It was the worst I have seen it in the 5 years I have been here!

A few days ago I spotted one of the dear close to the little car park at the back of us,,
that is the closest he/she has been to civilization. You can just see my little car in the bottom right of the photo.

I have made a little pouch to keep my spare DMC threads in. I made a half Dresden plate pattern and wanted to do something with it other than just a block,,,

The orange fabric is a little brighter than in the photo.
 The small tub of Hotel Chocolat choccies were from my Big Boss Lady at work,,,,mmmmm!
And the progress on my Sisters stitchery,,, just the leaves and flowers on the right to do!

Just one more thing to say,,,,,
                                               Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, 9 December 2013

Meet Lily!!

I bought myself a magazine as a treat,,, and made the little giveaway gift,,,

 Meet Lily,,,  the magazine called her Matilda,,, but I think she looks like a Lily!!
She was getting in to everything,, even into my knitting bag!!

I have started a stitchery by Red Brolly,,, 'Sisters, featuring Brutus The Cat',,

I managed to get a photo of a clothes shop in Bath,,,, that has a lot of sewing machines in their window,,,

I must ask them one day about the history of the machines!!

Here is a better photo, colour wise, of my 2nd Hitch,

And this photo is for Margaret,,,,


Monday, 2 December 2013

Off My Needles!

I have made a 2nd Hitchhiker scarf,,,

The actual colours are more brown than what is showing here! I just have to block this then it is done!!!

I have also made a sewing roll, to hold my needles, scissors etc,,,,,

and it is made in my favourite colours.

Not much else has been going on,,,

Friday, 8 November 2013

Making and Doing!!

Why doesn't time slow down when you have a lot of things on the 'to do' list??? 

I recently went to the Malvern quilt show, and picked up some fabric for my friend and I. It was for a particular project,,,,

It is a bag for knitting projects,, and to go with it I made,,,,

a roll to hold my knitting accessories,, cable needles, stitch markers, etc,,.

Do you remember this picture,, he is on Salisbury Cathedral. DH and I recently visited Salisbury,, and he has gone!!!!!

If any one can let me know why or where he has gone, that would be great!!

I have finished my Hitchhiker scarf,,
I wore it to the Malvern show and two people recognized it as the Hitchhiker. I was surprised they did, as it wrapped around my neck! I am knitting some mitts to go with this,,, and I have started another scarf, in a different colourway though! Picture of that one next time.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

I have been,,,,,,

,,,,,, on holiday. I went to visit my good friends in Spain. And boy, was it hot!!!
 Thursday afternoon,,,, and it was really peaceful!!

 We visited Guadalest,, beautiful. Thank you again Margaret and Bob for taking me there!
Margaret made me this lovely bag,,,

         ,,,,,,,, creative. I have been busy knitting a little,,

              The stripey scarf is easy,, just garter stitch with one purl stitch every now and then. The pinkish shawl is taking me longer than I would like,, as I can only knit it when I am 'home alone'!!
While I was in Spain,, I did make a few knitting stitch markers,, and also a sewing roll,,, but I forgot to take a picture of that.

,,,,,,, having a visit from my GS.
We went to Bristol Zoo,,,, and I did think of leaving this wild thing there,,,,


Sunday, 22 September 2013

Fingers Crossed

that I can post some photos today.
This is in Bridgwater,, our first stop when we went out the other week,,
Then Watchet,,,

The above is a picture of the harbour wall,, where the water has done its magic, eroding away the stone. The whole wall is rather beautiful,,

Love the colours in this cliff, and the formation of the stone!

The next two were taken at Blue Anchor,,, gorgeously quiet and peaceful.

Passed Dunster Castle on the way to Minehead,,,

Had a lovely cup of tea and a slice of cake here!!

and a closer view of that cliff.
Off to do some knitting,,, progress update soon!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Yet Another

trip out and about. Last Monday DH and I went for a drive,,, and a wander. First stop,,,
Bridgwater, Somerset.
This is where I would put a piccy,, but blogger is messing me around.
Then we made our way to Watchet,, had some fish and chips there and another look around,, and had to pay for a pee! 20 pence!!!
Stopped off at Blue Anchor,, and if I could have posted my pictures you would have seen how quiet it is,,, out of season!!
Then we headed on up to Minehead,, spent a while here as there are plenty of shops!!

Sorry about this being a boring post,,, but hopefully next time there WILL be pictures.

I am knitting the Lonely tree shawl slowly,, along with the lacy scarf.
Not felt like being crafty lately,,, must be the weather!!

     Just tried adding a picture from my tab,, no luck there!      

Managed to post these pictures via IE,,, but will need to do another post another time. What a hassle!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

2nd Blogaversary,,,,

Well,, it has been two years on Tuesday that I have been blogging! I wanted to show some photos of a recent trip out, but my lap top blogger won't allow me to write a new post, check stats, won't let me do much really apart from checking my blog list.So I am writing this on my tab,, without pictures. Hopefully I will be able to work out what is wrong,, and normal service will resume as soon as possible.
Anyone else had this problem??
 UPDATE,,, apparently it is a Chrome thing,,, can access everything via Internet Explorer. NEW POST tomorrow!!

Saturday, 31 August 2013

On My Needles,,,,

Remember this shawl,,, I started a while back,,,, well,,,
I have nearly finished the first half. It has taken me a few months to knit this as I only tend to knit at the weekends and when I am on my own and not too tired. If DH is home I get distracted, and I can't knit with the telly or radio on either.
I have started another shawl,,,, found the recipe on Ravelry,,,
I started this last weekend,,, I know, I know,, not a lot done, but I got up to row 21 on the chart and I had gone wrong so I had to rip it all out. AND it is the first time I have used a knitting pattern chart!!

When a PP forum friend went to the Festival of Quilts recently, I asked her to look out for the Sew Cherished stand.

They are pre-printed water-soluble stitch guides. I thought I would try them on my crazy patches.