Thursday, 19 February 2015


Hello to my readers,,, not much creating happening at the moment,, hence no blog posts for a while. 
I have a few things to show off though,, I finished my Hitch 4,,,

Knit in the same yarn as my hat, a few posts back.

Yarn I bought from Sara's Texture Crafts when I visited the Crafts4Crafters show at Westpoint in January.
 Wound, by hand, in to a centre pull 'ball'. More like an ostrich egg!!

And some yarn that I just had to give a new home to.....
I have finished my Kongo Latte socks,,
Very near to a matching pair,,,, really pleased with these.

Not sure when my next post will be,, my oomph has abandoned me,, again! I do hope to find it soon!
Thank you for reading, and leaving comments.