Wednesday, 15 January 2014

This and That

 I was looking through my sewing room the other day,, having a bit of a clear out and came across this little thing I made a while back.
Can't remember blogging about it, anyway. It was a simple pattern, which is lost, but I should be able to make another if I so wished!!

Don't know about you, but my smaller rulers were always 'dumped' any where, on bookshelves normally. So I decided to make a holder for them,,, no pattern,, just a quick browse on the 'net to get a few ideas,,,
 and then off I went, and Ta-Dah!!

I am following a BOM on Beth's blog , I haven't done a quilt in a while, and this looks like fun!
 It is a Christmas quilt,, but I don't do Christmas quilts,, so this is the start. I am, hopefully, going to use just stash and scrap fabrics,,,
 apart from some white on white that I just 'had' to buy.The background it going to be white, but different designs.
If you click on the above photo you can just see the patterns.

I am knitting a third Hitchhiker scarf,,,but using
my favourite colour!!! I love wearing this one,, lovely and warm. I will wear the next one a lot. too!! Picture of the third one next time,, it is too grey and dreary here this afternoon.