Saturday, 31 August 2013

On My Needles,,,,

Remember this shawl,,, I started a while back,,,, well,,,
I have nearly finished the first half. It has taken me a few months to knit this as I only tend to knit at the weekends and when I am on my own and not too tired. If DH is home I get distracted, and I can't knit with the telly or radio on either.
I have started another shawl,,,, found the recipe on Ravelry,,,
I started this last weekend,,, I know, I know,, not a lot done, but I got up to row 21 on the chart and I had gone wrong so I had to rip it all out. AND it is the first time I have used a knitting pattern chart!!

When a PP forum friend went to the Festival of Quilts recently, I asked her to look out for the Sew Cherished stand.

They are pre-printed water-soluble stitch guides. I thought I would try them on my crazy patches.

Monday, 26 August 2013


Does anybody out there want roughly 400g of my ready cut hexies???

These are all leftover from my hexie quilt that I made.
Leave me a comment, and I will pick a recipient at the weekend. All I ask for in return is the postage cost.
As of Friday 6.47pm,,, I have only one comment,, so Kath,, if you want to email me your snail mail address,, I will post the hexies tomorrow or Monday!!!!
And this picture of the farmer muck spreading. Is it just me???,, or do others enjoy watching farmers at work??

Monday, 12 August 2013

Days Out!

A picture heavy post,, but blogger didn't want to play today so the pictures are out of order.
At the Cheddar Gorge.
                                                          mmmm! Icecream!!!
On the A303 westbound.              Annies do a nice breakfast and a great cup of tea.


From The Wool Stack, Honiton

spotted in an antique centre in Honiton.
GS looking at the mouth of the slide he came down.
Daddy had to have a go!!!!                                                                                        

Lunch time.

Honiton was on Monday,,,, then the play park on Thursday,,, Weston and Cheddar on Friday.