Saturday, 31 August 2013

On My Needles,,,,

Remember this shawl,,, I started a while back,,,, well,,,
I have nearly finished the first half. It has taken me a few months to knit this as I only tend to knit at the weekends and when I am on my own and not too tired. If DH is home I get distracted, and I can't knit with the telly or radio on either.
I have started another shawl,,,, found the recipe on Ravelry,,,
I started this last weekend,,, I know, I know,, not a lot done, but I got up to row 21 on the chart and I had gone wrong so I had to rip it all out. AND it is the first time I have used a knitting pattern chart!!

When a PP forum friend went to the Festival of Quilts recently, I asked her to look out for the Sew Cherished stand.

They are pre-printed water-soluble stitch guides. I thought I would try them on my crazy patches.


  1. Lovely colours you have chosen for your shawls, really pretty.
    I was interested by the stitch guides, what a good idea.

  2. Loving the purple scarf and wishing you better luck second time around with the shawl.
    Great idea for the embroidery stitch guide.
    Margaret x

  3. I think you're great knitting from a chart, I seem to have lost my knitting head in the last few years. I used to knit for everyone years ago. A shawl is a good idea to start again I must have a look on Ravelry , see what they've got.
    Brilliant idea those water soluble charts, should turn out some nice even stitches.

  4. Hi, your knitting is looking fine. the only thing I knitt is socks.
    you shawls look so complicated I would get lost with all the different stiches.

  5. Hi Caz your shawl is coming along lovely. I like the colour of the wool you have chosn for the scarf. Good luck with you crazy stitches. :)

  6. Hi Caz, I am finally back from taking a blogcation. Love the purple scarf that you are working on and the lonely tree shawl looks like it might be a fun knit.

    Sorry I missed the hex giveaway that's what happens when one goes on a blogcation.

  7. A lot of work and concentration doing those scarves . I finished my crochet scarf and promptly spilt soup on it .
    I'm not familiar with the sewing stand you mention but the chart looks good .

  8. Love your purple shawl!! I can't knit alt all - well I did a scarf once, and honestly, never again - now I just stick to sewing!! Also love your Crazy Patchwork blocks too!!! What a shame we didn't get to meet up at the Festival of Quilts!!!


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