Friday, 8 November 2013

Making and Doing!!

Why doesn't time slow down when you have a lot of things on the 'to do' list??? 

I recently went to the Malvern quilt show, and picked up some fabric for my friend and I. It was for a particular project,,,,

It is a bag for knitting projects,, and to go with it I made,,,,

a roll to hold my knitting accessories,, cable needles, stitch markers, etc,,.

Do you remember this picture,, he is on Salisbury Cathedral. DH and I recently visited Salisbury,, and he has gone!!!!!

If any one can let me know why or where he has gone, that would be great!!

I have finished my Hitchhiker scarf,,
I wore it to the Malvern show and two people recognized it as the Hitchhiker. I was surprised they did, as it wrapped around my neck! I am knitting some mitts to go with this,,, and I have started another scarf, in a different colourway though! Picture of that one next time.