Monday, 28 May 2012

A New Post!

I will start this post by saying thank you to Ferret for allowing me to put up a couple of pictures of one of her wall hangings that I saw at Malvern.

I think this Dragon is Brilliant!!!!

Anyway,,, as the weather here has been too nice to stay in and create,,, DH and I went to the seaside area of Beer in Devon yesterday.

It was really nice to relax on the beach with a cuppa and a slice of cake when we first arrived. We had a little walk around then decided to walk the coastal path to Branscombe,,, just 2 miles away!!

Of course,, when you walk to somewhere you have to walk back,,,

and, we had to walk back past these big animals!! (avoiding the cow pats along the way). I thought the coastal path walk not too bad when we walked to Branscombe, but oh boy,, the walk back was worse. DH and I followed a little path to the beach on the way to Branscombe, so we didn't realise how much of a decline it was,, so going back up was hell! We could/should have followed the Hookum Hill path and gone over the cliff top!! My legs were aching when we got back to Beer . 
We went in to The Dolphin Hotel for a carvery lunch,,we deserved it. Highly recommended and very reasonable!!!
Off to finish sorting out my thread dross... I am getting through it.
PS,, must have hit something on the keyboard for all the writing to be in bold! Ooops!!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Retail Therapy!

I went to the Malvern show last weekend,, on the Sunday,, and it was really busy. Normally Sundays are pretty quiet, but this one wasn't!!
The quilts on show were brilliant especially one by Ferret,,'Dragon 1',, which won a prize! And I really liked a miniature quilt, a handstitched whole quilt, with a little trapunto. Fantastic. Sorry,, no photos!
Before I go on with other stuff, my claim to fame is having my Crazy blocks on Valeri's blog at FarneDesigns, the place I bought the kit from at the Westpoint show. I had to buy another one on Sunday,,
I am still not sure what I am going to do with the blocks,, I just love making them!!!!
Other things that I bought include
fabrics for a quillow for my GS,
beads, thread (bargain) and tea stained calico,
and some 'thread dross',, a selection of threads from Oliver Twists that need unravelling!!!
Unravelling this lot will be fun,,, but worth it!!!

Friday, 18 May 2012


My delightful Grandson has been and gone for his weekend visit with Nanny Caz!! And it went better than what I thought,, apart from when he was really tired!!! Daddy left him on Friday, and came back on Monday, and in between we (GS and Grandad and me) had fun!
On Saturday we went to Puxton Park just off the M5,, and boy,, did I have fun. There was a really long, bumpy slide and as GS is only 2, I had to go on it with him!! Weeeeeeeee!!!! No picture though,, because Grandad wasn't quick enough with the camera.

He loved all the tractors,,, took a bit of coaxing to get him off them!!
It was a beautiful weekend,, glorious sunshine most of the time,, and warm!!

On Sunday, we went to Brean Sands. A nice big, sandy beach,, with plenty of room to run around!! Not many people on the beach, so it was okay to let GS loose!!!

Within two minutes of this photo,, GS took his t-shirt off!!!
As you can see,,no creating! I have to tidy my sewing room a bit ( a lot actually) and I am going to the Malvern show on Sunday.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Crazy, again!!

I must be crazy, as I have told my son I would have my grandson for 3 days,, on his own,, without his mummy or daddy!! Eeek!!!

I have made another Crazy block,, unsure if this one is completely finished or not. 'Something' feels like it is missing! I did have fun making this!
A few of you know that I am making a Hexagon quilt,, it has been in the making for 3 years. I normally only work on it when I go to my quilt group twice a month.
This it so far,, it is on top of my 5" wide bed and I was standing on a chair when I took it. It is roughly 4" across and a little more than that down.
These are the hexies still waiting to be stitched and basted,, only a few!!!!
You can see how long it is in this photo,,, no idea how big it will be,, but I hope to be using all of the hexies in the baggie!