Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Crazy, again!!

I must be crazy, as I have told my son I would have my grandson for 3 days,, on his own,, without his mummy or daddy!! Eeek!!!

I have made another Crazy block,, unsure if this one is completely finished or not. 'Something' feels like it is missing! I did have fun making this!
A few of you know that I am making a Hexagon quilt,, it has been in the making for 3 years. I normally only work on it when I go to my quilt group twice a month.
This it so far,, it is on top of my 5" wide bed and I was standing on a chair when I took it. It is roughly 4" across and a little more than that down.
These are the hexies still waiting to be stitched and basted,, only a few!!!!
You can see how long it is in this photo,,, no idea how big it will be,, but I hope to be using all of the hexies in the baggie!


  1. your Grandson is so cute.

    Grany time is great because you get away with spoiling. lol

    your crazy looks great and the hexies. wow.

  2. Wow - what a lot of hexies...and they look so small - what size are they?
    The crazy patchwork looks good to me :)
    Have a lovely time with your grandson .

  3. You will love every minute of his visit. Hard work but lots of fun.
    Such patience with the Crazy and the Hexagons. Keep going Caz...nearly there!!!! jan x

  4. Hi Caz , It's cottonreel .
    I have been reading down your blogs , did you wet your shirts before you put them in the dye. fabric must be uniformly wet first .
    Look at the site of Pat Winter for crazy patchwork and on her sidebar there are many related blogs . She also prints a magazine, all crazy patchwork. It is the most comprehensive ever .
    If you look at the blog of my friend Bluebell you will also find c/p on there,and also if you click on my older posts.


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