Monday, 28 May 2012

A New Post!

I will start this post by saying thank you to Ferret for allowing me to put up a couple of pictures of one of her wall hangings that I saw at Malvern.

I think this Dragon is Brilliant!!!!

Anyway,,, as the weather here has been too nice to stay in and create,,, DH and I went to the seaside area of Beer in Devon yesterday.

It was really nice to relax on the beach with a cuppa and a slice of cake when we first arrived. We had a little walk around then decided to walk the coastal path to Branscombe,,, just 2 miles away!!

Of course,, when you walk to somewhere you have to walk back,,,

and, we had to walk back past these big animals!! (avoiding the cow pats along the way). I thought the coastal path walk not too bad when we walked to Branscombe, but oh boy,, the walk back was worse. DH and I followed a little path to the beach on the way to Branscombe, so we didn't realise how much of a decline it was,, so going back up was hell! We could/should have followed the Hookum Hill path and gone over the cliff top!! My legs were aching when we got back to Beer . 
We went in to The Dolphin Hotel for a carvery lunch,,we deserved it. Highly recommended and very reasonable!!!
Off to finish sorting out my thread dross... I am getting through it.
PS,, must have hit something on the keyboard for all the writing to be in bold! Ooops!!


  1. It looks as though you made the most of the weather and enjoyed a great day out.
    I enjoyed the picture show.
    That's a great dragon wall hanging. The quilting just makes it.
    Margaret x

  2. We did that walk last year and the going was lovely but the coming back nearly finished me!! It was all worth it though as it is a lovely place and not overcrowded either. See my blog post Wish you were here on 3 October for my post about our walk.

  3. Love that Dragon quilt by Ferret, hopefully I'll see it at one of the other shows this summer.
    I'm so envious of your day out and to be able to spend the day in such beautiful surroundings, fantastic!

  4. Lovely pic's.
    I cannot remember seeing that wall hanging at Malvern . We always go on the first day(scared in case there is no fabric left) Today we have been to Bramble patch .
    Ferret was the speaker a few months ago at Cosby Quilters . I could not get there that night so missed a treat.
    i managed to print the bootee pattern so perhaps Pinterest accepted the stuff I wrote .
    Thanks for visiting


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