Monday, 18 March 2013


I would like to thank all of my readers that take the time to comment on my blog. I do read all the comments,, but as some of you are no reply bloggers, I don't always reply.

I think Spring is finally arriving,,,,

I walked to the post office and went past a field of Sheep with their babies!!! So cute,,   and look at the colour of the sky,,,, lovely!!

I have finished all my red 9 patch blocks and stitched them together.

No idea why the bottom picture is that way,, I did straighten it before hand,,, never mind, just turn your head to the left!!! I have to put borders on it,, but at least the main bit is done.
I am making progress on my Hexie quilt as well,,,,,, but no pictures yet.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

A Day Out,,,

Tuesday was a beautiful day, after the fog lifted,,, particularly in the South-west of England. My DH and I took a drive out to Lyme Regis,,,, I have never been there before,, and it is Lovely!!
 The car park we parked in is at the top,,,but is one of the cheapest,,, at £1.70 for 24 hours!!!
 When I first saw these steps,,, I was a bit daunted,,, but there weren't as many as I thought.
Nice empty beach,, so, so quiet!! And the sky,, it was so blue,,,
 I have been told that the area hasn't changed much over the years,,,
 We stopped for a coffee, as you do,, in a small place called Aroma,, very friendly.
 Taking the above picture made me want to get out a sketch book,,
This little shop was closed due to a powercut,,, shame,, I would have liked a look around.
 This wall is in 'The French Lieutenants Woman',, never seen the film myself, but I have seen the scene.

 This little thing was sunbathing near to us on the beach.

 DH bought me lunch,,, lovely Fish and Chips,,, have to when you are at the seaside,,,couldn't eat it all though!!!
This photo is of the 'ugly' fabrics I was sent in the Ugly Fabric swap on the Popular Patchwork site,,
I have made something using them,, but am keeping it under wraps for now.
I have been hard at work on my Hexie quilt,, I need to get it finished,,, It is 5 foot wide, not sure of the length yet.