Monday, 18 March 2013


I would like to thank all of my readers that take the time to comment on my blog. I do read all the comments,, but as some of you are no reply bloggers, I don't always reply.

I think Spring is finally arriving,,,,

I walked to the post office and went past a field of Sheep with their babies!!! So cute,,   and look at the colour of the sky,,,, lovely!!

I have finished all my red 9 patch blocks and stitched them together.

No idea why the bottom picture is that way,, I did straighten it before hand,,, never mind, just turn your head to the left!!! I have to put borders on it,, but at least the main bit is done.
I am making progress on my Hexie quilt as well,,,,,, but no pictures yet.


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog, the penguins are on Philip Island, not a real island. Its in NSW It was a long day as we had booked a trip from Melbourne. We arrived back in our hotel at 12:30am.. Very tired but happy!
    I envy your spring pics, we are having really cold weather, such a shock when we arrived home last week I love your red quilt, it looks so pretty
    Chris x

  2. That's gorgeous Caz, what a lot of work has gone into all those panels, you must be very proud.

  3. Are you a lucky one. its snowing over here. Last sunday it looked like spring arived. I guess it was just a sneek peek.
    I like your quilt you did a awesome job.

  4. Hi Caz, oh I love your red stitched quilt you must be so pleased with it. Its a lovely spring day here in Liverpool but its quite cold. x

  5. Your quilt is beautiful.
    Love from Mum

  6. Love your quilt - red and white is a great combination.

    Sheeps are my favorite thing, I have a collection of sheep, love your photo.

    Enjoy spring.

  7. Fabulous quilt Caz, it looks very striking and all those hand embroidered squares are amazing.

  8. Well done Caz. Your quilt is beautiful.
    I miss seeing the baby lambs. There are only goats here.
    M x


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