Sunday, 14 April 2013


but not mine.
I went to the South West quilt show last Sunday, at Westpoint, Exeter. It is quite a small show, with plenty of elbow room at the stalls, and around the quilts! And as I went on the Sunday,,,, not overly busy. I must remember next year,, wear more layers! I put the quilt show gloves on to warm my hands up!!!
I only took two pictures of quilts that I really liked,, and if the owners want me to remove them from this post, then I will do so.
 I love these sort of scrappy quilts, one day I will make one!!!

 And this is just so cute,,,,

I did spend a little money there as well,,
Some thread for my Hexie quilt,, I want to do some Big Stitch quilting on it,, a little ribbon, a long tape measure, a new thimble (when I hand quilt the hexie, this will come in handy),, oh, and some fabric!!!

The South West quilters asked the quilt groups a couple of years ago to make a banner representing their group,,,and my little group made one. It is the 2nd from the left. Maybees,, from Yeovil.
There are 12 of us and we each made a square,, and one of us put it together!
Only one more 'flower' to make and sew on to my Hexie top,,, yippee!!


  1. yes I liked the doggy quilt too. Looking forward to seeing your completed hexy top. I have just put the last patch in mine PHEW!

  2. Nice post Caz. I like the two quilts you show and your group banner looks great too.
    Lovely stash haul. I did big stitch quilting on Amy's wall hanging and love the way it looks.
    M x

  3. Hi Caz I like the 'walkies' quilt its fun and quirky. Looking forward to seeing the Hexie quilt. :)

  4. It's hard to go to these kind of events and not come home with a little something isn't it?
    I too love scrappy quilts and the more colourful the better.
    Thanks for the comment on the tatting, try it with a needle, its not that difficult, just fiddly.


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