Monday, 6 May 2013

Life goes on,,,,

and I am working on my Hexie quilt,, slowly!
 This shows the back,, obviously,, and I am just quilting the green 'flowers',,,
 with this lovely thread by Presencia,  (no:8),,,,, the backing fabric is a dark green,,
Should finish quilting it soon,, then I just have to decide what I am going to do with the edges!!

My Son and Gs were down visiting recently, and we decided to take them to Lyme Regis. It was not a very warm day,,
 Gs wanted to take his shoes and socks off as soon as he touched the sand,,,
 The sun was out,,, but so was the wind,,,,

 My castle was the best,, the one in the middle,, mind you, the surveyors would have condemned it for being unsafe!!
Grandad took him up there,, on the big rocks,,, had a bit of trouble coming back down!!!!

I went to our local car boot fair yesterday, and picked up this little sewing box for £2.00,,,,
 and it wasn't empty,,,,the little blue case has a small pair of scissors, a needle or two and some thread and a thimble in it.

 The reels of thread are mainly Sylko,,, and some buttons to add to my collection!

I am still waiting to get some fabric to finish of my Redwork quilt,, it has not been forgotten!!


  1. That's a very upmarket fabric covering your box, I forget what its called now.
    Every bit of cotton is precious, its so expensive to buy.
    Great buy

  2. Turn it over - let's see the other side.
    The photos show a warm beach but it must have been cool judging by the wrapped up family.
    You got a bargain there with the sewing box. One spool of thread is pretty dear.
    Love from Mum

  3. Hi Caz I love variegated threads and i'm loving the green you have chosen to quilt you hexi quilt. Wow what a fab bargain on the sewing box go you. :)

  4. Your quilting is very neat Caz! I was interested to see what thread you are using, I will try that on my next one.

  5. Looking forward to seeing the front of that quilt when it's finished Caz, and you also have some lovely family pics there too!

  6. It looks a lovely day out .
    Non stop rain here in the Midlands this week end .
    I look forward to seeing your quilt front


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