Saturday, 18 May 2013

I have finished,,,

Remember these fabrics,,,,
so called Ugly fabrics that were sent to me in the Popular Patchwork forum swap,,,, well,, I made

Mr Owl,,,,he didn't win the little competition,, but he won my heart when I made him.

Now for my Ta-Dah moment,,,,,,,,
 My Hexie quilt is finished,,,,,
 It's not perfect,,,,
 It's not pretty,,,
 But it's mine,,,, and I am making a label for it this afternoon.
All handstitched,,,, and I still have some hexies left over,,,, bound to be made into cushion covers sometime in the future!!
I made this notebook cover for a friend's birthday next week,, she loves Sunbonnet Sue.

 My first time at making a cover,, not bad if I say so myself!!


  1. Let me be the first to say your hexagon quilt is fabulous!
    As for you saying it's not perfect and it's not pretty it looks wonderful from where I'm sitting.
    I love it and think you did an amazing job.
    Mr Owl is very cute and not so ugly at all in those fabrics.
    Lovely notebook cover for your friend too. She will love it I'm sure.
    M x

  2. wow Caz, the hexagon quilt is awesome. I love the look of it.
    your Owl and the bookcover looks very nice.


  3. Your quilt looks very pretty to me - and bright - and colourful. Clever you. Your friend is going to love her present.
    Love from Mum

  4. well done, you did a great job! I love how you made the binding from hexies. I will remember that next time I make one, it looks really neat.

  5. Hi Caz loving the little owl he is great. Wow your hexi quilt is fab xx

  6. Hey! some pretty nifty work you are showing . All hexie quilts are lovely , you cannot go wrong with a hexie .
    Your owl has another fan , he's cute
    Your book cover will be well received and cherished I'm sure

  7. Youve done so well with that hexy quilt, I got fed up with the hand stitching and mines bunged away somewhere, its beautiful.
    I've also got a book cover half finished as well but my tatting has kind of taken me over for the time being.
    I know what I'm like though, sooner or later I'll get fed up with it and I'll finish one of the projects waiting in the wings.
    Have you tried tatting, its worth giving a go and so fascinating, cheap to do as well, all you need is a shuttle or needle and a ball of thread.

  8. Your hexagon quilt is stunning Caz, and VERY pretty! When it comes to perfection, I always say that only stuff made by machine can be that, but with no soul! I love imperfection, it proves that it has been made with love, and by hand. Far more important to my way of thinking, and much more beautiful. Little Owl is great too, can't think of a better way to have used up those fabrics.

  9. Hi Caz, how on earth can you say your hexy quilt is not pretty. No matter what peeps do with hexies they always turn out pretty it is the nature of the shape. I love yours as it is so random. Usually they are done in a set design, I love the freedom of yours. Well done of finishing it. All by hand too AND the quilting, extra stars to you girl. High 5. Love it. The owl is cute too. Just shows what can be done with uglies.
    jan x


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