Thursday, 19 February 2015


Hello to my readers,,, not much creating happening at the moment,, hence no blog posts for a while. 
I have a few things to show off though,, I finished my Hitch 4,,,

Knit in the same yarn as my hat, a few posts back.

Yarn I bought from Sara's Texture Crafts when I visited the Crafts4Crafters show at Westpoint in January.
 Wound, by hand, in to a centre pull 'ball'. More like an ostrich egg!!

And some yarn that I just had to give a new home to.....
I have finished my Kongo Latte socks,,
Very near to a matching pair,,,, really pleased with these.

Not sure when my next post will be,, my oomph has abandoned me,, again! I do hope to find it soon!
Thank you for reading, and leaving comments.


  1. I'm not surprised that you're pleased with the socks they're fab!

  2. All looks great - I think it is impossible to be continually in the groove regards having something to say in blogs. It's good to see you when you do though. Am busy cutting out and stitching a small seat cover patchwork which I have been meaning to do for ages and my oomph too had left me so better get back to it now!

  3. Gorgeous socks Caz, you've certainly not lost your oomph for the knitting!

  4. Hi Caz beautiful knit wears as ever. I knitted socks once I only completed one and whilst half way through the second sock decided to try it on. Only to discover I couldnt get my foot in it I'd knitted the band to tight hahaha. End of knitting the socks :) xx

  5. You've got some lovely yarn there, and I do like your socks - but then, I'm a sucker for hand-knitted socks! xx


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