Sunday, 25 January 2015

A quick one,,

This post is not going to a picture heavy one,, I haven't taken any pictures lately.
Jill@emerald cottage,,, please email me, my email is under 'view profile', your snail mail address so I can send you the cross-stitch kit.
My blanket has come to a stop again,, gone wonky somewhere,,, again! I must have increased somewhere. The wonky edge is the changing colour edge this time.

I also finished by Hitch 4 scarf, photo next time, as it has to be blocked and with the weather being rather cold at the moment, it can wait.
I am going to the Crafts4Crafters show at Westpoint next Saturday,,, so hopefully my next post will be full of photos.


  1. The blanket's looking good. Edges are always a pain.

  2. Hi Caz, I've emailed you :) Love those colours in your blanket, really vibrant!


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