Monday, 12 January 2015


I have decided not to make any 'New Year Resolutions' as I can never stick to them,,, but I have a couple of 'things' that I am going to try to stick with. One of them is,,, do I need it,, do I want it!!! I am doing pretty good with this. As I have sorted out my yarn and fabric stashes, I now know what I have,, which is a good thing,, coz I didn't know I had THAT MUCH!!! It is actually quite a shock to 'see' what I have got.....

I have decluttered a lot,, at least 10 bags have gone to the charity shop in the last month and a half. And I am not finished yet!!!
Talking of which,,, do any of my regular readers want

 a pattern for a christmas card hanger,,,,,,

or a cross stitch kit,,,, neither will ever get made by me. I have had both for a couple of years.
If you want either of them,, just leave a comment.

I have not been doing much creating lately,, but I did treat myself, before Christmas, to a couple of books,,

 I have been on the look out for this Crochet book for a while,, a bargain at £4.99 from The Works.

 And I undid the crooked crochet blanket from a previous post,, and made a fresh start,, counting as I go. Slow, but steady progress.

PS Don't forget to leave a comment if you want either of the patterns. If needed, I will get my DH to pull names out of a (wooly) hat!!


  1. Hi Caz, I don't want the giveaways but just thought how brave you are getting rid of so much stash stuff. I ought to do the same but just can't bring myself to part with it, you know...I just might need it some time. LOL

  2. Happy new year Caz!
    What is it about January that makes people want to de-clutter? We've been doing the same.
    I love your crochet, I'm planning to re-learn this year. My Nan taught me when I was about 12 but I need to try again.

  3. Ive been attempting to de clutter here too though I may just have moved stuff around a bit lol. If no one else wants it , and I'm considered a regular enough reader I would love the cross stitch kit please :) don't worry though if you feel there's someone more deserving!


  4. Hi Caz I often try to declutter my sewing room but it never seems to get any better maybe I am not ruthless enough. I to should follow the rule do I really really need it as I tend to buy things on impulse and they just get put away in the clutter sewing room to be forgotten about. The blanket is looking fab. All the very best for 2015 X:)


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