Monday, 16 September 2013

Yet Another

trip out and about. Last Monday DH and I went for a drive,,, and a wander. First stop,,,
Bridgwater, Somerset.
This is where I would put a piccy,, but blogger is messing me around.
Then we made our way to Watchet,, had some fish and chips there and another look around,, and had to pay for a pee! 20 pence!!!
Stopped off at Blue Anchor,, and if I could have posted my pictures you would have seen how quiet it is,,, out of season!!
Then we headed on up to Minehead,, spent a while here as there are plenty of shops!!

Sorry about this being a boring post,,, but hopefully next time there WILL be pictures.

I am knitting the Lonely tree shawl slowly,, along with the lacy scarf.
Not felt like being crafty lately,,, must be the weather!!

     Just tried adding a picture from my tab,, no luck there!      

Managed to post these pictures via IE,,, but will need to do another post another time. What a hassle!

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  1. Ditto with the not wanting to craft. Today I cleared up in the work room and felt a bit more like it, started to frame the Kitty block that I made eons ago, so maybe I'm getting back in the mood.
    Hope you get your pictures sorted soon,


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