Monday, 9 December 2013

Meet Lily!!

I bought myself a magazine as a treat,,, and made the little giveaway gift,,,

 Meet Lily,,,  the magazine called her Matilda,,, but I think she looks like a Lily!!
She was getting in to everything,, even into my knitting bag!!

I have started a stitchery by Red Brolly,,, 'Sisters, featuring Brutus The Cat',,

I managed to get a photo of a clothes shop in Bath,,,, that has a lot of sewing machines in their window,,,

I must ask them one day about the history of the machines!!

Here is a better photo, colour wise, of my 2nd Hitch,

And this photo is for Margaret,,,,



  1. I love the Molly Makes Mags, they are full of inspiration and I agree she does look more like a Lilly.
    We have a shop like this in Brighton with all the machines, where on earth did they get them all from? I wonder.

  2. cute Lilly. I been there in Bath and got a picture from that shop too. love it.
    The scarf is wonderful

  3. what lovely makes. My Mum would love that little doll, she has a real "thing" for dolls!

  4. Great post Caz. Lily is so cute - no wonder you had to buy the magazine to be able to make her.
    Hitch #2 looks great. The yarn has striped really nicely.
    Love the pic of the sewing machines and LOVE those clogs with bells on!
    M x

  5. Hi Caz I think Lily is fab and cute. I to was facinated at that shop with all the sewing machines in when I visited Bath in August. Love your knited shawls beautiful colour ways. :)


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