Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Bank Holiday!!

As everyone knows,, a Bank Holiday in the UK usually means rain, rain and more rain,, and yesterday was no exception!! DH and I both had the day off so decided to go out whatever the weather.
Neither of us had ever been to Woolacombe in North Devon,, so off we went. On the way we stopped in Tiverton, a nice little town.
Clock Tower
As you can see,, it was a grey day!! The clock tower was gifted to the town by Thomas Ford.
And as you can see,, this is Edward The Peacemaker,, he became King when Queen Victoria died!  We had a cup of tea in a little tea-room called Mallards,, recommended should you visit Tiverton!!
We headed off for Woolacombe,, in the never ending rain. If we all waited for nice weather in this country (UK), we would never go out!!

The people in the sea were mainly youngsters with their wetsuits on and their bodyboards! No,, I didn't dip a toe in the water,, it looked cold!! We then headed over to Ilfracombe and had some fish and chips in the Ilfracombe Fryer! By which time we had had enough of the rain,, so decided to take a slow drive home!
I have been working on my redwork patches, but no pictures, I am up to number 16, out of 31. I usually work on them when sat in front of the TV.
I went to the car boot sale on Sunday and picked up,,,,,,,,,
70 skeins of DMC and some large pieces of stitchery fabric for £10,, bargain! And a couple of other bits. A DMC skein can cost anywhere between 70p and 95p, depending on where you go!
The other day, I had a glass of water and put it on the floor for a moment,, it must of had a wet bottom,, because when I went to pick it up I saw this,,,,,,,,,,
and as I am writing this, the sun is shining!!!


  1. It looks as though you had a lovely day out Caz in spite of the weather.
    Fish and chips sounds great to me.
    Nice haul at the car boot sale.

  2. hi Caz good for you not letting the typical british weather spoil a lovely day out. Great buy at the boot sale. :)

  3. Sounds like you had a good day out in spite of the rain. Good bargain you picked up at the boot fair. I just love fish and chips at the seaside.


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