Saturday, 11 August 2012

New Post

What better word for a blog post,,, but this week I did get some lovely post from the postie too!! First up is a bag that was made,, for me!! I call it my M T bag at the moment, until I fill it!!

It was made by Marian and is a one-off!! Visit her blog to see more of the same,, but very different!!! Marian called my bag 'Check out the flowers',  cos of the fabric!
My next parcel was from Liz,, and as I don't do E-bay,, Liz very kindly got me a generous yard of some fabric,,
that I love. Absolutely no idea what it is going to be used for,,, but it is brilliant. It is by Timeless Treasures.
DH and I had a day out to Sherborne, in Dorset, the other day. It was a scorcher of a day, I didn't expect it to be that hot!!

The gold post box is outside the post office and it celebrates the gold won in the Olympics by local Peter Wilson. And if you can see the name of the cafe, The Bakery Cafe,, we went in there for a cuppa,, and a slice of cake!

 This place has been here for 3 years or so,, and we have never been,,, we will be going again!! And a nice picture of the Abbey to finish with,,,


  1. I know Sherborne very well and it is one of my favourite places, its so genteel and quaint. We normally go to the 'Three Wishes' for tea and cake. I'm envious of your bag, it's beautiful.

  2. Nicelooking pace you visited . I have not been there .
    I make bags but not that proffesional looking. superb

  3. wonderful pictures. Always enjoy seeing pictures of a different country. Your MT Bag is great.

    hugs Kerstin

  4. Love the Keep Calm fabric and of course that fabulous bag too.
    You won´t be easy to miss with it :)
    Are you going to the NEC show?

  5. Hi Caz Sherbourne looks like a lovely place to visit and it sound like you and hubby had a fab day :)

  6. Love the bag,fabric(of course) and the lovely photos you took of your day out! love Liz x

  7. Hi Caz Love the bag, the fabric is great!!

    Always love to see photo of places in the UK, thank you for sharing.

  8. That bag is amazing, quite different. And thank you for the pic of the gold postbox I wondered what they looked like when it was said that they were going to be painted gold..


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