Friday, 2 November 2012


Once again,, not much creating,, but I did make Patch for a friend.

I just love that fabric.
I went to the Malvern quilt show last Sunday. The weather was awful,,, but I had fun at the show. I was very good and bought what was needed,, but I did have one impulse buy,,,
lovely stuff! Nothing in mind for what it will be used for!!
I have recently made a little more progress on my hexie quilt. I have been working on it for nearly four years,, but I only normally work on it when I go to my quilt group, which is twice a month.
It looks very creased doesn't it? I will want to quilt it by hand, once it is finished. I am having thoughts on how to do that at the moment. I reckon it will be a small single or lap size when it is done.

 This book was 99p from a charity shop,,,, it needed a new home!!


  1. Well, seeing that cute picture of Patch just makes me smile. Was he giving a goodbye hug to your bear?
    Don't worry, Patch has arrived safely and is now loving his new life here in Spain:) Thank you!
    Love your hexies and the gorgeous tape measure fabric.
    You got a great bargain with the quilting book

  2. How cute is Patch.

    I bet the quilt shiw was amazing.

  3. Patch is so cute. Love the fabric he's made in. Glad you enjoyed Malvern and I love the tape fabric. Hexi quilts always look so homely; it's lovely. What a bargain you picked up in the charity shop.

  4. Ah I will be able to see Patches in Real Life when I next visit Margaret...he is so fabulous! No wonder she is thrilled.
    I bought some of that fabric at a patchwork exhibition here in Gandia recently. When I say exhibition, I use the term very loosely, there were about 30 quilts and 10 stalls...but it is a start.

  5. Hi Caz I love your little teddy friend and I agree the fabric is lovely.:)

  6. I also bought the fabric with the tape measure pattern . I might use it on a bag . I will certaily use some on my 3 gr, granddaughters dresses next summer.

    I have a hexi quilt on the go . Last weekend I drew a hexi with 7 inch sides . We had seen a quilt on a bed in Next with huge hexies , it was stunning . If you would like a copy of my drawn big hex please leave me an email with your address


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