Monday, 7 January 2013

More Progress,,,

A week into the New Year, and I have finished stitching the redwork blocks for my quilt! 31 lovely stitched blocks,, just have to trim them to size!!
 Then I have to cut 404 x 2.5 inch squares out of my reds,,,do I go for lights and darks???, or do I just go random???.
I am about halfway through the trimming,, and will get straight on to the square cutting when that is finished!!!
Now for something completely different,,,
 I decided to try this recipe for Sun-dried tomato bread,,, and it is absolutely gorgeous. I took a peak while it was baking,,, and the smell,,,mmmmmm!
If only we had taste/smell abilities over the internet!!! This loaf is all mine,, DH doesn't like it! Don't know what he's missing!!!


  1. Congrats. on finishing your Redwork blocks.
    I think a random mix of lights and darks will look lovely/
    Bread looks good.

    Margaret x

  2. your blocks look great. Will look forward to see how the finished quilt will look.
    The recipe sound yummy I sure will give this a try.
    hugs Kerstin

  3. Bread machines are a wonderful invention. You really do not know what they put into store baked loaves.

  4. Well done Caz. Your redwork is gorgeous. I'd go for random red squares. Your bread looks yummy; I can smell it from here!

  5. Random squares would be my choice .
    I love using my breadmaker . Perhaps hubby would like the bread with his egg and bacon . I love the fruit recipe with cinnamon added

  6. This looks very interesting, will be watching keenly.
    Love the idea of embroidering blocks.
    Found you through Kath.
    Your word verification was STONED ????


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