Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Old and New 2

Tilda Bathing Lady Bag
I did the stitching of the lady earlier this year, but waited till I went to Spain to make the bag. I also made a zippered pouch to go with it. The first time of putting in a zip!
Bag with Pouch.
Margaret taught another friend and I how to do the zips, and once I made one pouch, I wanted to make another!
This was made a bit quicker than the first one, because I had one-to-one tuition from Margaret!!!
Batik Firecracker
Hand quilting detail
Hand quilted
This quilt has 29 different Batiks in it, and took me over two years to make it,, on and off! I hand quilted it and enjoyed the process!


  1. Great photo shoot :) I seem to recognize that tree!
    Your bag and pouches turned out great.
    Lovely quilt also.


  2. I thought I recognised that tree too - LOL! Certainly recognised the sun :) Love your bag and pouches and the batik quilt.

  3. Lovely quilt Caz. Love all your other things too. Your hand quilting is gorgeous.


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