Thursday, 24 November 2011

I Won!!!

Kerstin had a giveaway a little while ago,, for a couple of Table Runners that she had made, and I won one of them!
In my package was a couple of lovely Christmas decorations and a YUMMY bar of chocolate!!! I love the snowman fabric in the runner. Brilliant.
Thank You Kerstin!!        XxX
(and it's the first time I've managed to put a link on my blog!)


  1. What a lovely runner and gifts too - - this is your lucky week :)

  2. Hi Caz,
    Im happy you like it and that the chocolate was yummy.
    Congrats on posting a link.

    hugs Kerstin

  3. Have to agree Caz, the chocolate was very YUMMY!

  4. What a lovely giveaway win! I love the little runner and I also love that decoration with the rusty bells.
    I bet the chocolate is just a distant memory now.
    M x


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