Thursday, 19 January 2012

A Day Out!

No Craftiness to be shown in this post,,, may be I should change the title of my blog!
DH and I are on holiday from work,, so have decided to visit a few places that we like. Yesterday was Salisbury. A lovely city, with a great cathedral.

As we were walking around the exterior, we came to some empty statue plinths,,, with one surprising addition,,,
Here's a closer look,,
We couldn't stop laughing, think it is great!!
Of course I had to bag a few bargains,, some fat quarter bundles,
£3.33 from the FabricLand shop in Salisbury,, and a book from The Works,
It wasn't a bad day, weather wise. It was rather mild, didn't need the gloves all the time. When we went to The Maltings a young lady was trying to feed the ducks, but the pigeons had other ideas! They were landing on her and trying to get in to the bag with the bread. Poor ducks hardly got any.



  1. lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing.
    its likes visiting.

  2. Salisbury is a lovely place isn't it Caz.Did you go into the cathedral?It's amazing!!!!
    I hate it when shops spell their names wrong or put them upside down,however are children supposed to learn! There is a shop like that in Trowbridge and Chippenham. Still guess they want to be talked about and noticed and we have proved them right!!!

  3. Looks like you had a lovely day out...and how good that the weather stayed nice for you.
    And even better - you got stash!!!

  4. I love having a meander around interesting places too Caz, something I usually do when on holiday, but maybe I shouldn't be waiting until then, and should start closer to home!

  5. Great pictures Caz. Love the bloke drinking the coffee hahahaha wonder how long that will stay or was it a real bloke??
    Wouldnt like my hair cut in there though....ohhh dodgy.

  6. Thanks for your comment on mine - seems like we both like Salisbury. I've always found that upside down barber shop signage a little odd - but it is certainly eye catching. My quilt is progressing very slowly will post about it when it's finally done!


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