Monday, 6 February 2012


Well, I have finally finished the scarf that I started in Sept. 2011. And what with the cold weather we are having in the UK, I will probably be using it soon!

I lost count the amount of times I had to undo some knitting, either because I lost a few stitches or gained some.
I went to Exeter on Friday, to a Crafts4Crafters show,, as I am getting interested in other crafts such as cross-stitch, embroidery etc. It was fun to look around, and spend a little money,, not a lot. I really need to buy 'time', so if any one has any spare,,,,,.

The top picture shows a redwork design for a quilt, and the other one are 'bits' that I bought, just because!
I am working on a little bookmark at the moment, from an idea I got from the show. And whilst I am watching
Nick Cage in Ghost Rider this afternoon, I think I'll work on my Hexie quilt. Been working on it for nearly 3 years,, nowhere near finishing it yet. I'll ley you see some pictures next time!!


  1. Your scarf turned out great. Is that the same wool you made the mitts from?
    Lovely new stash. Bet you're glad you went to the show now.

  2. Great scarf. Love the color. :)

  3. Love your scarf, it looks like a very complicated pattern though, I wouldn't get past the first row!! Hope you enjoy starting on the embroidery and cross stitch.

  4. Well done on finishing it Caz, bet it is lovely and warm too.


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