Sunday, 15 July 2012


I am in a strip swap on the Popular Patchwork forum,,, and we are swapping 14 red strips of fabric. I received my strips yesterday.
The colour is a bit 'off'. It is quite hard to photograph reds! I also went to my local fabric shop on Friday and bought another 7 reds,,, all washed and pressed ready to be cut into 2.5 inch strips. I have a project in mind and will be starting it this afternoon.

There are thirtyone stitchery blocks, and threehundred and seventytwo  2.5 inch squares to cut from my strips!!! I think I have enough fabric!! And although I went shopping before I got my strips,, I have no doubles!!!!
The weather last weekend was non-stop rain,, as it was in other places! I decided to go for a little walk into the village,,,,the sun decided to come out!!

The top photo is a field,,,and the water could just get under the bridge. The day after it had gone back down to high,, not overflowing!!
I am off to get some of my stitcheries started,, looking forward to making this!


  1. Gorgeous reds Caz, looking forward to seeing the results of your project.

  2. Thanks Cath,, didn't realize you were a 'no-reply' blogger.


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