Saturday, 16 February 2013

It only took,,,

3 months to knit my shawl.
Lala's Simple Shawl from the Ravelry site. I used James C Brett Marble yarn in shade 11. I started this on the 4/11/12 and I finished it on the 11/2/13. I had fun blocking it as well. Never done that before with knitted items,, not sure why.

I couldn't get a decent flat shot inside,, so I took it outside and wrapped it around a tree stump that is in the communal garden area. Goodness knows what my neighbours thought,,,,,,
I am making a little progress on my redwork 9 patches,, hope to get some more done over the weekend.
We had a visit from my DS and GS recently,,,, took them to Caen Hill Locks,, and forgot a buggy for the little man,,,, he got tired!!!
                                                 X x X


  1. Your shawl turned out great Caz.
    Cute picture of Jordan.

  2. Your shawl looks wonderful. I think it would have taken me a year to knit! Little man looks tired but very handsome.
    Love from Mum

  3. Rosemary and I live not too far from Caen Hill locks, in fact Rosemary I would think may be just a bit closer than myself. A wonderful sight to see especially on a nice day! Have taken some lovely photos and the little tea shop at the top is nice too!
    Love Liz x

  4. wonderful shawl and your neighbours probably enjoyed the show.
    Lovely pic of your grandson.

  5. fabulous shawl, and such a gorgeous colour. I really wish I could knit like that, but no patience, and that pattern looks rather complicated!

    1. Thanks Cath,, it is a simple pattern. It had to be,, for me to knit it.

  6. Such a lovely colour , and a nice pattern .It's sure to feel warm around your shoulders .I find hand knitted things last forever .
    Good looking sleepy little fellow

    1. Thanks,, it is lovely and warm. Hard to believe Little Man is 3 next week.


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