Thursday, 6 February 2014

No Title,,

I know blog posts don't always need titles,, but it is a little difficult to think of one sometimes!
Remember this,,,
He is no longer on the plinth at Salisbury Cathedral,,, but Maggi kindly sent me an email with this link , and , this one too. Interesting reading!!!

We had new sofas delivered recently,, and I decided to make arm covers for them.
 DH has a pocket for the remotes and his glasses,, he keeps losing them!
And I made a couple of cushion covers for mine!!!

I won a giveaway on Kerstins blog at the end of December,,
Gorgeous fabric,, can't wait to use it.

I wanted to have a little hand sewing project to get on with in the evenings,, and tried a 6.5 inch wonky star block,, but it was a bit fiddly. So I am making them on the sewing machine instead.

I have only made four at the moment,, but I like them. I am calling the quilt, when it is finished, Swonky Stars!


  1. great Sofacovers. what a super idea. I might have to steal this idea.
    Have fun with your fabric. The wonkey stars look good too.

  2. Hi Caz Wow I think your Sofa arm covers are a great idea and Congratulations on your little win. :)

  3. I really like the arm cover with pockets, what a good idea, I'm always looking for something or other, this would solve the problem.
    The swonky stars are great, it doesn't matter if its not hand stitched, I mostly use the machine because I know my good intentions of hand sewing always go out of the window.
    Sunshine here at the moment, hooray.

  4. Brilliant idea the arm caps .
    Love the swonky stars and the colours .
    Lucky girl winning a giveaway


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