Monday, 28 July 2014

New Mags and a Make,,,

As I hadn't bought any magazines for a little while I treated myself to two last weekend.
The Homemaker magazine and Love Scrap Quilting. The Homemaker had a free kit with it to make the delightful Pooch that is on the front cover. I just couldn't resist it. The Scrap quilting one I bought as I love scrappy quilts,, some nice ideas in there!

I have been keeping up with Beth's Christmas quiltalong,,, and have made a car (of sorts).

I am not too happy with the wheels,,, might put some handles on the doors.

A few weeks ago we went to Stourhead house and gardens. It is only 30 minutes away and had never been before, but will happily go again. The new picture at the top of my blog is the Watch cottage by the lake.

The gardens are gorgeous. I might try and go back in the autumn,, just as the leaves are changing colour.
And one of the socks that I am knitting, the pattern is called Jeck and is on the Ravelry website, halfway through the second one.
I must finish some of my unfinished items before I start on another pair of socks,,, so why was I on Ravelry last night looking at sock patterns!!



  1. Lovely makes, especially those funky socks! I haven't seen that scrappy quilt mag before. Your new header is so pretty, I must go to Stourhead, I know it's not that far from here!
    ps the wellies are from B&Q :-)

  2. The socks look great! I think you were on Ravelry looking at patterns because you are now addicted to knitting socks :)
    The magazines look like nice reads - the doggie is cute.
    M x

  3. Hi Caz your photos are amazing. Love the little sauge dog a real cuttie. X:)

  4. Hi Caz, I always read your blog too, but don't always comment! I love the pooch and the socks. Goodness, they look so complicated, I could never knit anything like that, very clever!

  5. You were probably looking at sock patterns for the same reason that I end up buying yarn. But I have yet to find out what that reason is :)
    I too am a magazine addict. Love the doggie :)


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