Saturday, 20 September 2014

New Camera,,and a Quilt Show

A few weeks back it was my DHs' birthday,,, so he bought me a present. A lovely little camera that I had been looking at lately! So,, what do you do when you get a new camera,,, you have to take pictures,, a lot of them!

It has several 'frames' for that 'special' shot,, and the zoom is brilliant. The picture of my grandson was on a shelf 10 feet away.

All the above pictures were taken at Burnham-On-Sea.

Last Sunday I went to a small quilt show held by the Weston Quilters, in Weston-Super-Mare. I say small, but there was over 100 quilts on show.
Coffee and Cupcakes by Marth Orr

Out Of The Blue by Judith Hubbard
Snow Family by Jenny Lester
 There were five trade stands at this litte show, two of my favourites,,,Farne Designs and White Cottage Country Crafts,,the creators of the Batik Firecracker quilt.
 And a little treat for me. WHSmiths have different magazines in their stores. The Weston store had quite a few that I don't see in my local one.
I am on holiday from work for two weeks,,,, so hopefully time for creations!!!


  1. You have to take that everywhere now Caz, otherwise you'll miss that all important picture.
    I know when I leave mine at home I wish I hadn't.


  2. Hi Caz What is the Camera it sounds fab. I am currently looking for a new camera as mine has a mark on the lense i can't get off. Photos are great X:)

  3. I'm interested in the make and model of your new camera also. :) It looks like it takes fabulous pictures and I'm looking for one that I can take bicycling with me. Was so lovely of your husband to buy you a gift on his special day. :)


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