Monday, 8 June 2015


It's a shame that I need to work as I have so many things of what I want to do,, there never seems enough time to do them.....
As in my last post, I showed a drop spindle for spinning,,,,, just look to what I have graduated to,,,,,
A lovely Ashford traditional wheel, I have named her Betty. And the chair that I use, I have called Margaret,,, both named after my mum,,, Just Because. I think I am getting the hang of using Betty.

I think I am a little addicted to sock knitting,, I have another pair on the go!

 50 scrappy 6.5 inch blocks have been made, some are swonky stars, others are crazy, (a bit like me).
There was an open day recently at the John Arbon Textiles mill in Devon, and I came away with some fibre for spinning and some yarn.

And finally,, my Home is where the heart is hanging,, just have to put a back on to it, and bind it.
                                                                     X x X


  1. There's never enough time for me even though I don't work!

  2. Oh Caz, I know exactly how you feel! I'm retired now, but I still don't seem to have enough time to do everything I want to. I don't do much housework either, so it's not as if I'm cleaning all day! I'm sure time travels faster as we age. Your spinning wheel looks awesome, so I can well imagine how you resent the time you have to spend at work when you have that sitting and waiting at home. I think you must also be the home knitted sock queen, they look wonderful.

  3. Hi Caz

    thanks for the comment on the garden, we live in a maisonnete but are lucky enough to have a half garden, I'd love it bigger but its better than nothing.
    Been watching your spinning, you look as thought you have the hang of it, I could never quite get it right, how annoying, I like to think that I can do most crafts but that one got away, lol
    Look forward to seeing something made with your own spun yarn.

  4. I know, not enough hours in the day, and I always seem to be interrupted by a school run or mealtime!


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