Saturday, 26 September 2015

Hi There!

My first post in a while,, and may have a few pictures.  
I finished my February Lady Sweater/cardigan,, love it!

 I have started a Sock Yarn blanket using the 'recipe' by Martine Ellis on Ravelry,,,

I joined in a knitalong on Ravelry for toe-up socks. My first pair of toe -ups,, and they came out ok. I surprised myself with them!

And then there is my Lovely Ruffly shawl,, using handspun yarn. The grey is my own handspun and the other colour was gifted to me.
 I had to knit Hugo The Hedgehog,, when I saw him on the front of a magazine,,, and have started yet another pair of socks!

I forgot to get a picture or two of my 'award winning' quilt,,, but earlier this month we had the village Produce, Art and Craft show,,,,, and my handmade, handsewn quilt won 'Best in Section' and 'Best in Show'! I have trophies to prove it!

Knitting seems to be addiction at the moment,,,, and am knitting something for my (33 yr old) son,,,
Laid Back Larry is a Three Toed Sloth,, my son is a bit of a Sloth,,,,, his words.



  1. Congratulations on your trophies, you have been busy. Love the sloth!

  2. Lovely knitting Caz. Congrats on your best section win. X:)

  3. Crikey Caz, what a lot of beautifully knitted things you've made, and that gorgeous hand sewn quilt! Well done on your win, you most certainly deserve it, and I have to say I'm totally in awe of your knitting!


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