Monday, 5 March 2012

Lovely Day!

It is a lovely day today in Somerset. Very bright, but breezy. I was going for a long walk,, I got as far as the village and walked back!! I did go a longer way home though!

That horse came straight over to me,,, think he thought I had some munchies for him!

It just happens to be this bloggers birthday today, and I have received some lovely gifts. My DH got me a new watch,, my old one kept losing time,, and it was an automatic. My lovely friend Margaret sent me a beautiful sewing bag with accessories. My pictures don't do it justice, pop over to her blog to see different, better photos.

I have been working on my Hexagon quilt lately, and I have been working on this for 3 years,, mainly at my twice a month quilt group.

 As you can see it is a very scrappy quilt,,, and I will get it finished. At the moment, it is roughly 48" both ways.
One more gift,,,


  1. Happy birthday Caz. You have a lovely day for it. What a lovely bag from Margaret. Brilliant photos too.

  2. Hello birthday girl. I hope you ae having a lovely day. I think you must be judging by the pic of that box of chocolates! Did you have to show that?????
    I like all of your pictures. in fact, I like that you showed the inside of the bag as I did not get a picture of that.
    Nice horse. Fancy not taking him a carrot!

    Margaret. x

  3. Happy Birthday Caz. Hope that you are having a great day.

    Margaret S

  4. Happy Birthday Caz :)
    What a fabulous gift you got from Margaret...and those chocolates look delicious! My kind of birthday :)

  5. Nice blog. You might like this poem about mothers.

  6. Love the photos and so sorry to have missed your birthday but Happy belated Birthday Caz xx


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