Friday, 16 March 2012

Not a lot,,,

going on here really! Been busy at work,, come home and fall asleep! Great!!
I have a day off today, so thought I had better update my blog. I have finished my wallhanging for my quilt group.

It was a 'Wallhanging of 16" square, depicting the month that you are given'. My month was May,,, and it is only 15" square,, I cut the main picture and border a little too much! The backing is an orphan block I had.
My friend Jan made a postcard recently, that she was not to happy with,, I love it! What do you think??

She sent it to me!! Thank you Jan!!!
My DH and I were sent some Easter goodies early,,,

I am in the middle of making a cushion cover,, no pictures of work in progress,, but will show it when it is finished.
I had to go to the village on Monday,, and took these pictures,, just because!

If Spring is here, where is the sun??? I am sitting here, wrapped up in a quilt with the fire on. No sun today,, just cloudy, grey skies!!!                              XxX


  1. Lovely mini quilt! Your handwork is beautiful. It is perfect for May.

    I love Jan's card! She always makes the best cards. The ones I have from her are still some of my favorites. :)

  2. The sun is here of course!
    Well, I just love your little Lily of the Valley girl. Her face just makes me smile. I like what you did on the border.
    I'm liking all the cute Easter bunnies. Did they come from Germany?

  3. Lovely wall hanging Caz, and I especially like the lily of the valley flowers, I can almost smell them. I'm also sitting here wrapped in a quilt, and almost dozing off! Glad I'm not the only one.

  4. Lovely wall hanging Caz. The Lily of the valley is just perfect. Chocs look yummy and the bunnies are so cute. Jan always makes super fabric postcards. I'm all wrapped up too - it's so cold today.

  5. Love all the goodies you got for Easter! Had a job trying to get tiny eggs for my Easter tree but found some in the end!
    Your wallhanging looks lovely and the blossom well Spring is almost here!


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