Sunday, 14 July 2013

Not a lot,,,

has been happening here,, it has been a tad too hot to sit and do anything.
Last weekend was the village fayre,, and Darth Vader decided to invade the sports field,,,

along with some friends,,,,

I didn't fancy holding those,, but I did hold an Albino Burmese Python!!!!
My darling husband took this photo before I was ready,, hence the shocked look on my face. The snake was called Patti,, and she was cool to the touch and smooth!!! (not a very good photo of me!)

I have finally basted the Redwork quilt,, just waiting for the weather to cool down a bit so I can quilt it in the ditch.

And I have prepped a couple of 6 inch blocks ready for some crazy embellishments,,,


  1. Spiders and snakes - ugh!
    Quilt and blocks - yeah!
    Love from Mum

  2. Better you than me with that snake, it looks heavy.
    I am also suffering from the hot blues, I can't stand too much heat these days. Not like the past when we spent all day on the beach, we can't take it now poor old things. lol
    Haven't posted for ages but can't get the enthusiasm up at the moment, no worry, it will return..
    Like the blocks all ready for the treatment, just thinking about framing some of mine, otherwise they are just lounging on the shelf.

  3. HI Caz I agree its been to hot to do things, its been a couple of weeks since I last sat and sewed anything. Your braver than me with the snake I would have just looked but not touched lol :)

  4. I've already told you what I think about the snake and now a great big spider as well. UGH!
    The redwork quilt is gorgeous and I love it.
    Nice start on the CQ blocks. I think I would like you to give me a lesson on how to do these when you come over.
    M x

  5. Looking forward to seeing the finished crazy blocks. Thanks for your comment on my post - I don't know how long we took to do that walk but we must have arrived in Exeter Central about 10.40 and we got to the Lock Keepers Cottage about 12.30ish I think. I was so busy enjoying the walk I didn't notice the time!


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