Wednesday, 26 June 2013


No idea why, but I have been wanting to make a Sock Monkey for a while. I just needed to find the right pair of socks, with a coloured heel. DH bought some socks,, and there was a pink pair,, 'I am not wearing pink socks' says he,,, 'I'll have them' says I.
Meet Bandit,,,
I called him Bandit,, cos he looks like one!!!

Kerstin had a giveaway recently,, and I was the lucky winner.
I am going to make a start on the pattern at the top of the picture soon. It will be my hand sewing project, that I can do whenever. I have enough fabric in my 5" charm scrap box to do this,, the pattern calls for 8" squares, but I like to be different.

Briony was very kind to send me some tatting bits,,
 I will be putting them on some crazy patches,, eventually! They are really lovely,,,, yet another craft for me to try!!!

Remember these blocks,,,,,

Well,, I decided to add a little more 'crazy' to them,,,,

Beer,, one of my favourite places,,,

So peaceful and quiet. This time we went for a walk to see the Quarry caves. No pictures,, it was too dark.
I didn't even know they existed. Click here to have a look at their web site.



  1. hello Caz, I have not particularly likes te sock monkeys I've seen but your's is really cute! I think it must be his mask.
    Your crazy patchwork is going to be beautiful.
    I'm off to follow your link now...

  2. Hi Caz congratulations on your little win and what a lovely prize. Bandit looks like a right cheeky chap love his colour scheme. :)

  3. He certainly does look like a bandit. Great prize for you and I love your crazy patchwork. Beer - one of my favourite drinks!
    Love from Mum


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