Wednesday, 26 March 2014

New project,,,

I decided to start a new redwork project,,, a small wall hanging. It's about time I made something from 'my library'.
 Had to prepare the fabric on the floor,, it was a little too big for my window.
 Progress so far,,,

And this is the book I am using,,,, some lovely projects in here.
I am still knitting,,,my Heartfelt shawl,
Loving the way this yarn is working out. And I bought some 'special' yarn for a scarf that I am hoping to wear to my Twin #1 son's wedding in June.
Not sure whether to knit it in the Laceweight, (blue) or the 4 ply,,,,, and I haven't even found an outfit yet...

I would like to say thank you to all my readers/followers that take the time to read this and to those that leave comments.
                                                        THANK YOU.



  1. It will be a great wallhanging. looking forward to see pictures of the wip. Have fun.
    And Im full of envy about your knitting.

  2. That looks so pretty! I have never done red work, but I'd love to try.
    Caz, I have a big light box, if you ever want to use it, you'd be very welcome (too late now I know!).
    I am really looking forward to seeing this work progress.

  3. You're already making great progress on the redwork sampler. It looks like a very enjoyable project.
    The shawl is looking lovely and those luxury yarns are yummy.
    M x


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