Thursday, 15 May 2014

'Not a Christmas quilt' quiltalong,,,, and Pay It Forward

I have been following Beth's Christmas quiltalong,,, but me being different, didn't want a Christmas quilt, so using scraps,, I have made this,,, so far,,,
Click on the piccy for a better look, if you must!!

I have also been part of Kerstin's Pay It Forward. And in the post the other day was my gorgeous bag that she had made for Me!!
Not a very good picture,, but a good size bag!

Now it is my turn to Pay It Forward,,,
1) I will make a handmade gift for three people who opt to participate in my Pay It Forward.

2) It will be a surprise and will arrive when you least expect it, - apart from me contacting you for your addresses.

3) I will have 365 days to make the item,, from the date I choose the recipients.

4) To have a handmade pressie from me, you have to play too! This means you pledge to send a homemade something to three readers of your blog.

5) It doesn't have to be quilty, just handmade.

6) You must have a blog to post about the Pay It Forward, and you can post about it on FB.

7) Once you receive your gift, you have to post about it on your blog, and choose your own 3 recipients to keep the fun going.--- And please only opt in if you can commit in keeping this going.

So all you have to do is leave a comment,, saying what you favourite colour is, and if you want to be part of this. If there is more than 3 of you, I will ask DH to pick out 3 names.

SeaLife Tower, Weymouth


  1. I like the little house block very much although it still says Christmas to me!
    The bag from Kerstin is gorgeous - pretty fabric and nice style.
    I don't have time to participate in PIF's so please don't include me.
    M x

  2. Oooh I love a play-along type of thing! And I never have enough female people to give gifts to, so this sounds lovely :) Please can you include me:) Favourite colour is red :)
    Jil at


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